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Where can I find my invoices?
You can find this by going to 'My orders' in your account and clicking on 'View order' of the order for which you want to view or download the invoice. Here you can view and download the invoice.
What are the delivery costs?
The delivery costs are calculated automatically for each order by weight and volume. The delivery costs are displayed after filling in the delivery address. There is no such thing as free shipping, we show you the actual costs that other suppliers ‘hide’ in their products when offering ‘free’ shipping, this makes us transparent and ultimately the cheapest. By making good agreements with our transporters we ensure that you get the lowest delivery costs possible. That way you always get the best deal!
My personal information has changed, where can I edit this?
You can change your details in your account under the heading 'My account'.
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Ziplock Bags

Resealable Ziplock bags 

Pack your products in our clear and strong ziplock bags! Ziplock bags are used by many companies for different applications. Whatever you want to package, bolts and nuts, candy or other foodstuffs, it all fits perfectly in the ziplock seal bags. At the top of...Read More


  1. Ziplock bags 6x8cm-50mu transparent Ziplock bags 6x8cm-50mu transparent
    Now Only €8.66 €7.16
  2. Ziplock bags 8x12cm-50mu transparent Ziplock bags 8x12cm-50mu transparent
    Now Only €13.09 €10.82
  3. Ziplock bags 10x15cm-50mu transparent Ziplock bags 10x15cm-50mu transparent
    Now Only €19.47 €16.09
  4. Ziplock bags 12x18cm-50mu transparent Ziplock bags 12x18cm-50mu transparent
    Now Only €21.18 €17.50
  5. Ziplock bags 15x20cm-50mu transparent Ziplock bags 15x20cm-50mu transparent
    Now Only €39.47 €32.62
  6. Ziplock bags 16x25cm-50mu transparent Ziplock bags 16x25cm-50mu transparent
    Now Only €46.31 €38.27
  7. Ziplock bags 22x28cm-50mu transparent Ziplock bags 22x28cm-50mu transparent
    Now Only €62.16 €51.37
  8. Ziplock bags 23x32cm-50mu transparent Ziplock bags 23x32cm-50mu transparent
    Now Only €72.27 €59.73
  9. Pouch Bags Kraft with window 250ml Pouch Bags Kraft with window 250ml
    Now Only €148.67 €122.87
  10. Pouch Bags Kraft with window 500ml Pouch Bags Kraft with window 500ml
    Now Only €177.89 €147.02