Clear boxes

Clear boxes for sandwiches, cake or baguettes

The best way to sell your fresh made sandwiches, cake, biscuits or baguettes is to present them in a clear plastic box! These boxes are easy to open and close. We offer them in a variety of sizes and materials.

4 Products

  • Sandwich blister 160x85x65mm Transparent Sandwich blister 160x85x65mm Transparent
    Delivery time +/- 4 days
    in box 500 pieces
    €75.46 €91.31
  • Blister baguette 170mm Blister baguette 170mm
    In Stock
    in box 350 pieces
    €32.99 €39.92
  • Blister baguette 230mm Blister baguette 230mm
    In Stock
    in box 400 pieces
    €92.95 €112.47
  • Blister baguette 290mm Blister baguette 290mm
    In Stock
    in box 150 pieces
    €51.17 €61.92
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