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You can find this by going to 'My orders' in your account and clicking on 'View order' of the order for which you want to view or download the invoice. Here you can view and download the invoice.
What are the delivery costs?
The delivery costs are calculated automatically for each order by weight and volume. The delivery costs are displayed after filling in the delivery address. There is no such thing as free shipping, we show you the actual costs that other suppliers ‘hide’ in their products when offering ‘free’ shipping, this makes us transparent and ultimately the cheapest. By making good agreements with our transporters we ensure that you get the lowest delivery costs possible. That way you always get the best deal!
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You can change your details in your account under the heading 'My account'.
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Cheap Paper Cups from Asia printed with your logo! Cheap Paper Cups from Asia printed with your logo! Cheap Paper Cups from Asia printed with your logo! Cheap Paper Cups from Asia printed with your logo! Cheap Paper Cups from Asia printed with your logo! Cheap Paper Cups from Asia printed with your logo! Cheap Paper Cups from Asia printed with your logo!
Cheap Paper Cups from Asia printed with your logo!

Cheap Paper Cups from Asia printed with your logo!

Printing a logo or the name of the company on paper cups is possible! The cardboard paper cups with a logo strengthen your company name, image or maybe your message! You can calculate the price, fast and easy! No business proposals or waiting for a long time, you... > Read More
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You can deliver your designs or logo in at least 300 dpi. All paper cups have a bent template which you should take into account concerning the design of lines for example. Do you wish to receive a template in order to make a design on it, send us an email, we will send you the template for the relevant paper cups. Logos should be delivered in .EPS or .Al files and colour numbers in PMS if you have any.

Fast delivery time digitally printed paper cups could not be printed with PMS colours, but we will approach the colours as accurate as possible.

Designs or proof sheets will only be made at an actual order. Via you can deliver us your files and send it to our email address [email protected] and please put your order number in the subject. Via the same website we will send you the proof sheets of the final design before we print the paper cups. The delivery time of the paper cups starts from the moment of approval of the final proof sheets sent by us in the Benelux. 

Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to help you!

Single Use Plastic Regulation:

A plastic coating is also used for coffee cups. Because imagine, you pour a hot cup of coffee.. The whole cup falls apart. The cups have a plastic coating so that the cup remains sturdy even when there are liquids in it. From July 3, 2021, new European legislation will take effect to make consumers aware of the use of plastic. They want to do this by means of a “Single Use Plastic Marking”. This will be placed on every cup that contains plastic (including (BIO) coffee cups with plastic coating).

What requirements must this marking comply with?

The marking must include the language of the country where the cups are offered / sold. We give you several options for this, but there is also a possibility to choose a combination yourself.

In addition, the marking must comply with certain sizes. The ratio between the height and the length of the mark is 1: 2. For cups with a volume less than 500 ml, the minimum mark size is 1.4 cm by 2.8 cm. For cups with a volume of 500 ml or more, the minimum mark size is 1.6 cm by 3.2 cm.

Finally, the logo must also meet certain colour requirements. With white cups three colours are used, with coloured or Kraft cups the marking must be provided with a white border so that the printed matter has at least four colours. Most importantly, you don't have to worry because we will help you if you wish.


Printed coffee to go paper cups

From Espresso paper cups to large Coffee to Go Latte Macchiato paper cups, they could be provided with your logo or design! With our useful online tool, you are able to calculate your price at a few simple clicks of the mouse. No business proposals or misunderstandings, you can directly see online what the cardboard coffee cups with logo or design will cost you. Lowest price assurance? Not necessary, we simply have the best price! 

Printing cardboard paper cups in how many colours?

Digital printing or flexo in up to 8 colours! Full-colour prints (4 colours) with short delivery times are printed digitally. Colours are an approach to the PMS colours often used by advertising agencies. The prints are exceptionally sharp and perfect for advertising or a presentation of your firm. Do you wish to print the designs in full PMS colours, this is possible in up to 8 colours. A photo or image could already be printed from 4 colours, which is called full colour. 

Delivery time

Because the paper cups are made in Asia, the delivery times are longer, namely 10-12 weeks. We fill the containers and combine all orders of printed and standard coffee cups for an efficient shipment, which results in extremely competitive prices of the printed cardboard coffee cups!

Delivery Contribution

Easy. All orders of printed cardboard coffee to go paper cups will be delivered free of charge in the Benelux! Are you from outside the Benelux, please let us inform you the cost of delivery to your location, we ship worldwide!

Quality & Sizes

Selected on quality: solid cardboard, sharp prints and most importantly: no leaking. Besides the usual coffee to go paper cups, there are also double-wall cups, rippled cups and cardboard paper cups provided with PLA (BIO series), also available with prints. The paper cups could be used for hot as well as cold drinks and the double-wall and rippled paper cups even have a better insulation.

The sizes vary from Espresso to large Latte Macchiato paper cups and are indicated in OZ (American unit of liquid volume) and CC’s. The Espresso paper cup is available in 4oz, about 120cc, from which 100cc is used to fill the cup. The Coffee to Go cardboard paper cup does not need words to explain itself; it is a cup to go! More solid cardboard and better able for on-the-go. All paper cups are provided with a black or white sip lid, which could be ordered separately in our shop. Top selling coffee paper cups in the Benelux are the 150cc and the 180cc paper vending cups with a diameter of 70,3mm at the top! Why? We offer the best price for a high quality paper cup!

The cups are made in Asia, where we pay strict attention to the quality and labour conditions (Code of Conduct). All factories that we cooperate with, have been audited and we know with who we do business. This is important to you, because you would like to have quality and of course factories that obey the labour regulations. We check this via a quality check to make sure that you not only receive a good product, but a fair product as well.