Complaint handling

Do you have a complaint or do you disagree with something? We are sorry to hear that because we are happy if you are happy!

We kindly ask you to contact us. We will handle your complaint and come with a possible solution. Because we are constantly working on improving our service, listening to your wishes and suggestions is very important to us. We are there for you and we would like you to come back with a smile!

File a complaint

We recommend you to check your order right after the delivery. Do you have a complaint in response to a product, delivery, ordering process or something else?

Let us know by contacting us via our contact form on the website or by sending us an e-mail to We kindly request you to explain your complaint as thorough as possible. Please indicate the products, delivery or possible cause in question, so that we can directly anticipate on it. Please take photos if necessary in order to give a complete picture of the complaint. We will keep you updated on your complaint by e-mail. We will try to solve your complaint as quickly as possible.