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Where can I find my invoices?
You can find this by going to 'My orders' in your account and clicking on 'View order' of the order for which you want to view or download the invoice. Here you can view and download the invoice.
What are the delivery costs?
The delivery costs are calculated automatically for each order by weight and volume. The delivery costs are displayed after filling in the delivery address. There is no such thing as free shipping, we show you the actual costs that other suppliers ‘hide’ in their products when offering ‘free’ shipping, this makes us transparent and ultimately the cheapest. By making good agreements with our transporters we ensure that you get the lowest delivery costs possible. That way you always get the best deal!
My personal information has changed, where can I edit this?
You can change your details in your account under the heading 'My account'.
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Octaview Salad & Meal

Octaview boxes with a clear lid

How to serve a salad with the best possible presentation? Use the Octaview! A black octagon shaped container with a clear lid that's easy to remove. Leak proof and easy to stack. The lids are Anti Fog to let the lid be clear at all times.

  1. Octaview 160x160x60mm 400ml Octaview 160/60
    Now Only €96.50 €79.75 € 184,25
    Octaview 160/60
    In stock
    Products in box 405 pieces
  2. Octaview 190x190x60mm 640ml Octaview 190/60
    Now Only €84.32 €69.69 € 146,80
    Octaview 190/60
    In stock
    Products in box 270 pieces
  3. Octaview 230x230x50mm 1000ml Octaview 230x230x50mm 1000ml
    Now Only €82.22 €67.95 € 124,35
  4. Octaview 230x230x80mm 1300ml Octaview 230x230x80mm 1300ml
    Now Only €108.30 €89.50 € 123,70
  5. Octagonal tray bottom Octagonal tray bottom
    Now Only €56.45 €46.65 Regular Price €90.33
    Octagonal tray bottom
    In stock
    Products in box 800 pieces
  6. Lid for octagonal tray Lid for octagonal tray
    Now Only €50.70 €41.90 Regular Price €78.95
    Lid for octagonal tray
    In stock
    Products in box 800 pieces
  7. Tapas tray 7 cavity black Tapas tray 7 cavity black
    Now Only €42.29 €34.95 € 63,95