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How sustainable are you? Check it on your BIO meter when you log in to your account! With this handy meter you can immediately see how sustainable your purchases are. Are you committed to a better environment and do you like to work sustainably? Then you will be very happy with this tool. How it works? Simple, the BIO meter looks at your purchases in our store and calculates the percentage of sustainable products and yes, we are critical when it comes to sustainability! The more sustainable BIO products you order, the higher the percentage on the meter! Do you also go for the 100%?
To help you make your choices, you can find here what our BIO products are made of. That way you know exactly what you are buying!

Kraft cardboard and paper

Kraft has always been very popular! It looks very nice and gives a modern, sustainable look. Kraft paper is made from recycled paper or FSC® certified paper from responsible forest management. Our disposables and packaging made of Kraft paper are 100% compostable, taste-neutral and moisture and grease resistant. Kraft paper and cardboard is available in both white Kraft and brown Nature Kraft and is widely used on cardboard coffee cups, disposables and paper bags and carrier bags.

In addition, Kraft paper or cardboard can be used up to 90 ° C and you can have many of our products fully printed with your own logo or design!

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PLA (PolyLactic Acid) is usually made from gene modified Corn. This corn is not intended for consumption. A starch is extracted from the corn that can be converted into a corn granulate. The granulate in granular form can then be processed again in machines that can turn these granules into disposables that resemble regular plastic disposables but are therefore made from real BIO raw materials. PLA is taste neutral, moisture-resistant and can be heated to 40 ° C. In addition, PLA is very clear, making it particularly suitable for drinking cups and straws!

You will also find products made from CPLA with us. CPLA has the same production process, only CLPA is made from the cassava root and a lot stronger than regular PLA. CPLA can also handle a higher temperature of up to 85 ° C. CPLA can be found in lids for coffee cups and cutlery, for example.

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Sugar cane

Sugar cane is one of the most common raw materials for BIO packaging. Sugar cane is mainly grown in Asiä and Brazil. The sugar cane plant is a type of grass and can already be harvested after 13 months. A big advantage is that a sugar cane plant can last up to 10 years! The sugar is extracted from the stems of the plant and the residue (waste) that remains after obtaining the sugar can be used as a pulp fiber for making disposables and is called Bagasse.

Bagasse products are, for example, plates, dishes, bowls or meal trays. The big advantage of sugar cane is that it insulates very well and can withstand temperatures from -40 to 200 degrees! Sugar cane is 100% compostable and we see it as one of the most environmentally friendly bio solutions of our time because it is made from waste.

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Palm leaf

Palm leaf service is made of, you guessed it: Palm leaves. These palm leaves are not picked but fallen palm leaves from India from the Areca Order Palm. Palm leaf service has a special and unique look because you can really see that it is a palm leaf. This makes each piece unique and different from the rest. The fallen leaves are collected and thoroughly cleaned several times in a natural way and then dried in the sun.

The dried leaves are stretched by hand, flattened and pressed at a high temperature in a mold into bowls, plates and bowls. Palm leaf service is particularly sturdy, moisture and water resistant and of course 100% compostable.

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The FSC® quality mark that is common on wooden, cardboard and paper disposables or packaging stands for Forest Stewardship Council® and ensures that the raw materials for these wood and paper products come from responsibly managed forests.

The FSC quality mark is the most famous quality mark for responsible forest management worldwide. FSC® disposables made of wood are moisture-resistant and suitable for the oven and microwave up to 100 ° C. Various products made of wood and cardboard are also 100% compostable. This information can be found with the products.

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EN13432 & BPI

The NEN standard & 13432, which is shown with a seedling logo, stands for the degradability of the products within 90 days in an industrial environment into CO2, water and biomass and can therefore be characterized as "compostable". Everything breaks down, even your plastic garden chair. Only this can sometimes take up to 200 years! This European standard has therefore been created to provide a clear picture of compostability and degradability of products. The logo is often accompanied by an OK Compost logo. Here too there is another variant, namely the OK Compost ‘home’. If a product is OK Compost Home certified, you can therefore compost it at home.

In America there is a similar standard under the BPI organization, which stands for Biodegradable Products Institute and which cooperates with the European organizations Vincotte and Din Certco, which carry out the certifications for compostable products.

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