Cutlery pocket napkin printed with your logo!

You strengthen the table presentation by providing your luxury napkins with your logo or design. The napkins are hygienic and besides advertising purposes also useful for providing extra information about your company or activities in the neighbourhood. You will find more information at the bottom of this page.

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You can deliver your designs or logo in at least 300 dpi. Do you wish to receive a template in order to make a design on it, send us an email, we will send you the template for the relevant napkins. Logos should be delivered in .EPS or .Al files and colour numbers in PMS if you have any.

Designs or proof sheets will only be made at an actual order. Via you can deliver us your files and send it to our email address and please put your order number in the subject. Via the same website we will send you the proof sheets of the final design before we print the napkins. The delivery time of the napkins starts from the moment of approval of the final proof sheets sent by us.

Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to help you!


Printed folded Cutlery pocket

Napkins are available in all different shapes, sizes and qualities. Restaurants, fast-food chains, caterers, amusement parks and even in planes napkins are used on a daily basis. The folded cutlery pockets, folded from a napkin into a cutlery pocket, are there to put your cutlery in and at the same time strengthen the table presentation. We have selected the best quality napkins, for the lowest price and they are all available to be provided with your own design, name or logo! Many restaurants all over the world use printed napkins, but why? Easy, you are better able to present your firm! Create an atmosphere by using cool colours or use it for a cocktail napkin instead. With us, you can provide them with an own design or logo! With our useful online tool, you are able to calculate your price at a few simple clicks of the mouse. No business proposals or misunderstandings, you can directly see online what the printed napkins with logo or design will cost you.


Printing napkins

The napkins are available to be printed in up to 2 colours with an all-in price. You could deliver us the design or let advertising agencies create it. We print with CMYK colours and the PMS colours are hold as a reference. Photos, logos, texts, everything can be printed on the napkin. The prints are exceptionally sharp and perfect for advertising or for the presentation of your firm.


Delivery Times & Proof sheet

After approval of the final proof sheets we have sent you, the delivery time is approximately 4-6 weeks. Depending on the period of the year, delivery times could increase.


Contribution Delivery

We charge a small contribution to the delivery of the printed napkins in the Benelux. Shipping outside of the Benelux? Please ask us for a shipping quote! 


Quality & Sizes

60 grammes Airlaid: the top-selling folded cutlery napkin for professional use! The white napkins are delivered in the size 40cm with a 1/8 fold and up to 2 colours are available to be printed with a name, logo or design. The napkin is rock solid on the table. It is also possible to provide a coloured napkin with your logo or design. The standard colour can then be chosen out of the available colours and on it, your logo will be printed. A nice napkin that is used in many restaurants.

Up front, all napkins will be printed without logos and it is entirely up to you to create your own layout. Do you wish to have more information? Please contact us!