Plastic beer glasses printed with your logo!

Printing a logo or name of your company on the plastic beer cup is possible in up to 8 colours. The beer glasses are available to be printed on the top of the cup as well as below. Your logo not at hand? No problem, at the bottom of the page you will find instructions on how to do this!

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You can deliver your designs or logo in at least 300 dpi. All glasses have a bent template which you should take into account concerning the design of lines for example. Do you wish to receive a template in order to make a design on it, send us an email, we will send you the template for the relevant plastic beer glasses. Logos should be delivered in .EPS or .Al files and colour numbers in PMS if you have any.

Designs or proof sheets will only be made at an actual order. Via you can deliver us your files and send it to our email address and please put your order number in the subject. Via the same website we will send you the proof sheets of the final design before we print the plastic beer glasses. The delivery time of the plastic beer glasses starts from the moment of approval of the final proof sheets sent by us.

Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to help you!


Printed plastic beer glasses with own logo

Large breweries such as Heineken, Grolsch, Stella Artois, Budweiser and many more often print their logo on plastic beer glasses during events. They do this in order to show who is walking on the streets with their beer brands. Besides commercial purposes, it is also about the experience. The different quality of the materials also shows whether or not the glasses are sustainable. The PLA beer glasses, which are made out of corn, are therefore more often used for events. These glasses are 100% compostable and will be digested by nature as litter. The most commonly used printed beer cup is the 433 0,2 L cup of Proppy. A beloved model glass which is used on a large scale. At indoor events in large halls or at large events, the 350cc PP beer glasses is most commonly used. These glasses are filled up to 0,3L, which leaves room at the top of the cup for a brand or logo. Your own brand or logo on the plastic beer glasses is, besides the large breweries, also possible. With our useful online tool, you are able to calculate your price at a few simple clicks of the mouse. No business proposals or misunderstandings, you can directly see online what the printed beer glasses with logo or design will cost you. 


Printing beer glasses in how many colours?

Digital printing or flexo in up to 8 colours! A full-colour print consists of 4 colours. Colours are an approach to the PMS colours often used by advertising agencies. The prints are exceptionally sharp and perfect for advertising or a presentation of your firm. Do you wish to print the designs in full PMS colours, this is possible in up to 6 colours. A photo or image could already be printed from 4 colours.


Delivery Times & Proof sheet

The delivery time is about 3-6 weeks, depending on the season. Because the plastic beer glasses are provided with a logo in the Netherlands, the glasses can be delivered relatively fast. Express delivery is not possible. 


Contribution Delivery

We charge a small contribution to the delivery of the printed beer mats in the Benelux. Shipping outside of the Benelux? Please ask us for a shipping quote! 


Quality & Sizes

The volume of the beer glass is indicated in millimetre (ml) in a cubic centimetre (cc) or in litres (L). Knowing that ml is equal to cc. For example, 0,25 L – 300cc. This means that the pouring size of a cup is 250ml and filled to the top, the volume is 300ml. The pour size of half a litre is 500cc (0,5L) and filled to the top 650cc. The top-selling beer cup is the Proppy 433. A beer cup with 0,2L pouring size, and filled to the top, that is 250cc. On some glasses, several pouring sizes are indicated.

Materials: The 250ml (0,2L), 550ml (0,4L) and 650ml (0,5L) plastic beer glasses are made out of PET material. The glasses are nicely transparent and are easy to separate from each other. This means that whenever you have a sleeve of beer glasses, you can easily grab one out, which makes it easy to tap several beers in a row. The 250ml (0,2L) Proppy beer cup and the 350ml (0,3L) beer cup are made out of PP material. These glasses are also nicely transparent and easy to separate from each other. All beer glasses are shatterproof and that makes them perfect for large-scale events.