Privacy statement

Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. (Disposable Discounter)

Date: 28.09.2020

 Privacy Policy of Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. (Disposable Discounter) 


This is the Privacy Policy of Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. In this policy document, Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. provides information about the personal data of buyers and customers processed in the context of the services and website of Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. handles your data with the utmost care and ensures that every processing operation complies with the applicable legislation and regulations. 

This Privacy Policy was most recently amended on 28.09.2020. You will be notified of any amendments to it by email or by other electronic means.

When does this Privacy Policy apply?

This Privacy Policy applies to all personal data that Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. collects and processes from those involved in connection with the online and offline sale of packagings and disposables, and visits to our website.

By creating an account, purchasing our products and visiting our website, you consent to Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. processing your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

If you are under the age of 16, you may only provide personal data to Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. if one of your parents or a legal guardian who has read this Privacy Policy gives us permission to do so on your behalf. We therefore ask you not to provide us with any data if you have not yet obtained permission.

Who is responsible for your data?

Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V., established at Spanjelaan 1, 9403 DN in Assen, the Netherlands, and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 50091824, is responsible for the processing of personal data as described in this Privacy Policy.

What data do we process and for what purpose?


  • Login data (username + password)
  • Personal details
    • Name (first name, initials, prefix and surname)
  • Location details
    • Billing address (street, house number, postcode, town/city, country)
    • Delivery address (street, number, postcode, town/city, country)
  • Phone number/mobile phone number
  • Email address
  • VAT number:

Collection targets and associated data

  • Acquisition of new customers.
    • Personal details
      • Name (first name, initials, prefix and surname)
      • Address
      • Phone number/mobile phone number
      • VAT number:
  • The registration of new customers
    • Personal details
      • Name (first name, initials, prefix and surname)
      • Address
      • Email address
      • Phone number/mobile phone number
      • VAT number:
  • Identification of created accounts and their security
    • Account login information, user name only
  • Keeping stakeholders informed of progress, new developments and information.
    • Name
    • Telephone number
    • Email address
  • For the correct technical operation, improvement, linking of data and the maintenance of the website and/or the System
    • Data within the technical environment of the System
    • Website data 

Website and system


  • IP address
  • Browsing and clicking behaviour
  • Cookies (see below)
  • General visit information, such as the most visited pages.
  • Contact form data (name, email address, mobile phone number and message content)

Collective targets

Usage statistics are analysed within the website and the system of Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. The aim of this is to optimise the website and system layout and security for visitors and/or users. Using this information, Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. can tailor its services as closely as possible to the needs of its visitors and users. Visitors and users are not tracked individually when browsing and clicking. The details in the contact form are used for identification purposes and to contact the person who has completed the form.

Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. needs the above information from you in order to offer you a good service. Your provision of your personal data to Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. is a necessary condition for concluding an agreement with Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. If you do not provide the requested information it will not be possible to enter into an agreement with Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V.

Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. makes use of automated decision-making processes for subsequent payment. If subsequent payment is chosen, the customer's creditworthiness is checked during the checkout process to ascertain whether the purchase can be paid for in this way. This is done by a third party, Billink B.V., via a secure connection.


On our websites we use functional and analytical cookies that are stored by your browser on your device, for example your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

These cookies store information (such as the settings of your PC and preferences indicated by you) in order to make your next visit to our website easier. This information does not contain any name, address or other personal data. You can configure your browser not to receive cookies while shopping at our website. However, this means that you may not be able to use all of the features of our website or gain access to parts of it. Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. does not use special software or cookies to determine the identity or behaviour of individual visitors.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are necessary for the website to function properly. These cookies are therefore placed by default and are not deleted if you do not accept them. Functional cookies ensure that you can remain logged in during your visit to the website. They also make sure that products remain in your shopping basket when you want to buy something in our webshop.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies enable us to analyse your visit to the website. These statistics give us information about how often our website is visited, what information visitors are looking for and which pages are visited most frequently. This tells us which parts of our website are popular and where we can make improvements to it. We continuously analyse and improve the website to make the experience as pleasant as possible for our visitors. The statistics we collect cannot be traced back to individuals. This data is therefore always used anonymously. We use Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics to glean information from the data. We always place the analytical cookies when you visit our website.

Analytical cookies collect, among other things, the following data:

  • Keeping track of the number of visitors to our web pages.
  • Tracking the duration of the visit.
  • The searches carried out on the website.
  • Information about your browser and the device you use to visit our website, such as operating system and screen size.
  • How you found our website, for example whether you clicked on one of our advertisements or on a link in an email.
  • Items purchased through the website or added to the shopping cart.

Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. uses Google Analytics to track the effectiveness of our AdWords ads at Google search result pages and how visitors use our website. The information obtained for this purpose and to which the IP address belongs will be transferred to Google. This data is stored by Google on servers located in the United States. To obtain more information about this you can read the Privacy Policy of Google and the specific Privacy Policy of Google Analytics.

Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. has set up Google Analytics based on the instructions of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. This minimises the impact on the privacy of our visitors.

The information is used by Google to provide reports about the website to Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V., to view how the website is used and to provide its advertisers with information about the effectiveness of their campaigns. Google may provide this information to third parties to the extent that third parties process the information on Google's behalf or where Google is legally obliged to provide information. Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. has no influence whatsoever on this. Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. has not given Google permission to use the Analytics information obtained for other Google services.

With your consent we place tracking cookies on your computer. We use these cookies to track which pages you visit in order to compile a profile of your online behaviour. Once again: this profile is not linked to your name, address, email address, etc., but is used only to match advertisements to your profile to ensure that they are as relevant to you as possible. 

Recording of telephone conversations

Telephone calls may be recorded with a view to improving the quality of our services, training, coaching and employee assessment purposes. These recordings are protected and stored in such a way that they cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons.

Registration of chat sessions

By starting a chat session on our site, you authorise us to register the chat session. The purpose of this is to view the history in the event of the matter being returned to. In addition, we analyse the quality of our services in order to use these chat sessions to improve our services. We only use the data collected internally.

For how long do we store your data for these purposes?

Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. stores the data until the data subjects deregister or delete the account in question. Data subjects may at any time request that their account be deleted or that the details within the Account be rectified 

Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. may choose not to immediately delete certain personal data if this is required in view of the statutory retention periods of Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V., and the retention of this data does not disproportionately infringe your privacy.

Your personal data is not kept for longer than what can reasonably be considered necessary for the purpose of collecting it. To offer you the best possible service, we store the data that you fill in. The data is stored for a period of 10 years; the data is kept for longer than is normally the case in connection with possible recalls. 

We determine how long we store the data on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Order history of the customer/buyer for the service to the customer/buyer.

Which parties have access to which data?

It is possible that Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. shares certain personal data with third parties if this is reasonably necessary in the performance of its services. These parties are:

  • Shippers
    • Customer/buyer address details
    • Telephone number
    • Email address
    • Payment service providers
      • Personal data
      • Address
      • Bank details
      • IT Partners
        • Access to all personal data
  • Other third parties for the execution of the activities of Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V., such as email processors. To the extent that these third parties process your data during the performance of the relevant services and business activities, they do so in the capacity of processor for Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. and Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. has taken the necessary technical and organisational measures to ensure that your data will only be processed for the above purposes. 

The data will be anonymised (as far as possible) with the external parties that have access to personal data, and separate agreements will be concluded to guarantee confidentiality and lawful handling of personal data. 

We will never sell, distribute or lease the personal data to third parties without permission in order to use the data for direct marketing purposes. Personal data will be provided to regulators, tax authorities and investigative bodies only if Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. is legally obliged to do so. In such cases, Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. will take the appropriate measures reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is protected as effectively as possible.

How do we secure your data?

Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. handles your personal data with the utmost care. We have taken various appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against loss or unlawful use, which are reasonable in view of the costs involved and the nature of the personal data. This is how we secure our systems and applications according to the applicable information security standards, such as the use of an SSL secured connection, and the website is kept up to date with the latest security patches. 

Transfer outside of the EU

Your personal data cannot be passed on to countries outside of the European Economic Area. If Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. transfers your personal data outside the European Economic Area, it will take the appropriate measures that can be considered reasonably necessary to ensure that it is adequately protected. 

Questions and requests for access, rectification and erasure

An account can be terminated by the data subject at any time. Data subjects can also change the information they have provided within the account. If you are subscribed to a newsletter, each newsletter contains instructions on how to unsubscribe from it.

You may ask us for access to your personal data at any time. You may also ask us to rectify, supplement, erase or block your personal data if it is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, or is otherwise processed in contravention of a statutory provision. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. If you have given your consent for the processing of personal data, you have the right to withdraw this consent. You also have the right to have your data transferred to another organisation.

If you have any complaints about how we handle your data, please let us know so that we can deal with them. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Dutch Personal Data Authority.

Questions, objections, requests for access, rectification and/or deletion of personal data can be sent to 

Le Roux Verpakkingen B.V. (Disposable Discounter)

Spanjelaan 1

9403 DN ASSEN 

[email protected]

+31(0)85 9020564

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