Silwy Magnetic Crystal Wine Glass 0.25L (set of 2)

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Wow! These are the crystal wine glasses from Silwy that are equipped with a magnet in the bottom! This is the pérfect glass for the boat, in the car or camper or where you want your glass to stay in place! How it works? Simple .. with this set with glasses you get a separate coaster that is equipped with a magical adhesive side. The coaster is equipped with a Nano gel that puts on the magnet in the glass in a balanced way. The adhesive side of the coaster leaves no residues when moving it and can therefore easily be placed somewhere else. You can just wash the coasters and they stick almost everywhere! You can also order a separate sticky strip so that you can hang the glasses on the wall or, for example, under a bar. The glasses are clear crystal glass and they are made in Germany. This system is unique and grandiose for when you go on the road with your camper and want to keep your cupboards neatly arranged during the ride. Stick the coaster on your dashboard or boat and your glass stays neatly in position! Nice for your own use or to give as a gift!


Qty in Box 2 pieces
Colour Transparent
Material Crystal Glass + Magnet
Volume - ml 250ml
Size Ø 82mm x H 217mm
Version Reusable
Pieces per pack 2 x Crystal glass WINE (0.25 l) with Magnet + 2 x Metal-Nano-Gel-Pad
Package size (mm) 110x270x255

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